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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Aki Takajo: A long forgotten huge fave....

 Was shocked when I realized it's been over two years since the last Aki post. If I made a list of Idols who I would love to post more about then Aki would easily top that list, don't talk about it much obviously but she's right there in my top three for hottest Idols of all time.
 Perhaps even the top spot she could occupy, granted Aki may not have some of the attributes others do such as her former French Kiss members but very few make my blood boil like she does.

 Aki graduated from AKB back in March 2016, she's been somewhat busy but doing things which don't make for interesting posts. Would like to see her do more acting, she had the lead role in the "SAVEPOINT' drama which although only four episodes was a very good show, "Kasane" was also a solid series. On October 3rd she'll be celebrating her 26th birthday.
 Aki did appear in a stage play back in February but since then has been a bit quiet though that may be changing. Last week she took a stroll on the catwalk at the 'Tokyo Street Collection' show. But for the first time in two years Aki did a mag spread and it's by far her best to date, looks like she's getting ready to start becoming more noticeable and with pics like this she should have no problem. This beyond perfect set of pics is from the August 22nd edition of Flash, some of them truly leave me gasping for breath....

 Aki has a Line Blog and a Twitter account, for the most part she updates it often and here are some pics from the last month.

 Back in April Aki did an interview for the Domeschick website, had never heard of that place before. In the interview she said that she was working on a photobook, she never had one for AKB, along with a DVD for it. She did release an exercise video in May but since April there's been no news of the PB and here are her pics from the interview.

 Wish there were many more new pics but sadly that's not the case and hasn't been for a while. Some faves drop in my ranks when they go through a long period of inactivity, not so for Aki who has somehow risen these last two years as she's just become close to perfect to me. Will end off with a few 'greatest hits' pics and she may not have the same assets as some other Idols do but who cares as she is just so alluring. Following these exquisite pics is a video of Aki's second solo DVD which was released in 2011, it's part four but if you click 'watch on YT' then the other parts are there.

Yuria Kizaki: 2017 Magazine scans #1

 Did a whole bunch of Yuria posts towards the end of last year but this is her first one for 2017. Would have loved to do more but there hasn't been as much to post for most of the year though that should soon be changing. Yuria announced her graduation from AKB back in April and think the date for it will be September 30th One thing that hasn't been posted are her mag spreads from 2014 to mid 2016 so will be working on that project prior to her departure.

 Above are two promo pics from Yuria's second photobook that will be released on September 15th. So far there's no title for it, her first PB "Peace" truly had some remarkable pics and that was also her character's name in 'Majisuka Gakuen'. Like most Idol graduates Yuria has her sights set on being an actress, so many choose that route so it must be so much easier than being a J-Pop Idol.
 Yuria was in a film titled "Nine Windows" which was shown at this year's 'Asian Short Film Festival'. The movie was released on DVD at the end of June and these pics are from an interview she did for it with Tokyo Pop Line.

 On to the mag spreads and though there's just four today Yuria does look so seductive in the pics. With her new PB coming out bet she'll be appearing in many more mags. First off is from a special mini AKB photobook titled "16 Colors" which came out earlier this year.

 There's that something about Yuria's lips which kind of draw you in, few other features of her do the same thing too. Fabulous set of pics from Young Champion #18.

 Pair of Manga Action spreads to end this post off with, set here is from their March 7th issue.

 Once again adorning a Manga Action cover and this is a newish set from the August 1st edition. Yuria announced her graduation on the 'All Night Nippon' radio show back in April 12th. She was with two other members who you all know well and here's a video of that appearance.